Selling Homemade to the Public since 1983

The Chatham Jam and Jelly Shop is located on Cape Cod. The Atlantic Ocean is our eastern shore and our southern beaches border Nantucket Sound. We are on the elbow of Cape Cod. The road in front of our house ends on Oyster River which goes into Nantucket Sound. We've been selling homemade preserves to the public since 1983.

Looking at our house in this picture you are on Route 28 heading west. In a few miles traveling east you come to Chatham Light and the Atlantic Ocean and Three thousand miles continuing east will bring you to Spain.

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History is around every corner. Queen Anne Road so named in Colonial times is one reminder as is the Atwood House built in the 1700's. While making homemade preserves is not of much consequence in the great scheme of things, it represents a traditional means of making a livelihood on Cape Cod. Until recently each town had someone who was known to make and sell homemade preserves. The Cummings family continues this traditional form of enterprise in Chatham. Massachusetts is one state that still allows preserves made in the home to be sold directly to the public. Since 1983 we have offered homemade preserves to the public. Those who came as children are now visiting our shop as young adults. We treasure the thought that we are a place to visit and bring friends whether summer residents or "year-rounders".

We invite you to visit our shop when you are on the Cape. If this is not possible we invite you to visit us here on the web

A visit to our shop makes you a guest in our home. It is our hope you will find you are a guest as well when you visit with us here on our web site.

The Chatham Jam and Jelly Shop : 10 Vineyard Avenue, West Chatham, MA 02669 :
Summer Hours: Mon-Sat 10-5:00 PM
Call Toll Free: 1.877.526.7467Email